The Lost Glitches


  • The Lost Glitches is a digital card game set in a virtual world made of merged collective memories
  • I am currently composing the music for all 5 levels and the current promotion trailer.
  • It is a is a game in development by Mimunga, created with the team of Honig Studios

    here’s the first trailer with my music:
  • Players choose a character and a syndicate to play as and build a deck to use in combat.
  • The game world is divided into territories reflecting the limited memories of the Glitches.
  • Players fight to expand their territory, gaining control over more of the virtual world as they progress through the game.
  • The game is currently in development

Created with the team of Honig Studios

A Game of Mimunga Gaming

El Hijo

A non-violent stealth video game, where a young boy tries to escape and find his mother. A tribute to Sergio Leone’s westerns and the music of Ennio Morricone.

The music for the multi-awarded video game “El Hijo” is an interactive orchestral score, dynamically changing throughout the game. Thematically, the score engages in a musical dialogue with Ennio Morricone’s iconic work on Spaghetti Westerns, to whom the music is dedicated. It revisits the Wild West settings of the Spaghetti Western genre in a non-violent context.

The music interactively leverages the player’s movements within the game to influence the symphonic orchestration. As the central game character, El Hijo, moves around various environments such as a dark monastery, a dusty desert, or a bustling town, different aspects of the orchestration are revealed, thus embodying the diversity of the journey experienced by the young boy.

Space not only unfolds the narrative journey of the main character, El Hijo, but also expands the orchestral composition: a dynamic orchestration in space, guided by the user’s journey as El Hijo. A turn at a corner might reveal an angry monk, underscored by a slide guitar; a threatening cowboy approaching, accompanied by a crescendo from a string trio. An ostinato from the timpani and the double bass punctuate the overwhelming ride on a cart, while moving in the darkness is met with the sonorous tones of low brass instruments.

This composition represents the culmination of my previous musical research into the expressive nature of physical space, exploring how space can play an active creative role equal to other musical dimensions, such as melody and harmony. I designed the musical interactions specifically for this game and they were implemented by programmer Stephan Schüritz.

Created with the team of Honig Studios

Published by HandyGames

Impossible Bottles

A music-rhythm game, a celebration of electronic music. The player is playing along the music, controlling a tribe of dancing robots with the objective to revitalise the earth with renewable energy.

A mad professor’s robot lab made out of music machines of the era in question, machines that give energy to this robot with the rhythm of the music.

Created with the team of Honig Studios