Music Against Police Brutality

A music work, accompanied with a video editing made out of footage of twitter users, created as a spontaneous reaction against Police Brutality in Greece. A result of thoughts and feelings against the tragic incidents happening in the streets of Greece, where democracy and freedom is daily sacrificed in the name of order and security.

“When a human body sends its own antibodies to attack healthy cells, we are talking about symptoms of cancer.
When a human society sends its own defense mechanisms to attack peaceful civilians, we are talking about symptoms of police violence.”

This is part of the music dialogue against police brutality, started and encouraged by fellow musicians Andreas Polyzogopoulos and Spyros Polychronopoulos that ended up creating a collective music album along with 34 other musicians: “PONAO – 37 composers against police brutality”  

The album is released on Bandcamp available for free with voluntary contributing to support the victims of police brutality: