DELL Computer orchestra

Interactive music installation for ten computers and hand tracking sensor. Commissioned by DELL Computers for IFA Berlin International Exhibition.

The work is based on an interactive music composition created to be performed out of ten computers dispersed in space, recreating the setting of a classical orchestra.
Computers were separated in three rows, each row representing a family of the classical instruments: woodwinds, brass & strings. Each computer performs a sub-group of instruments of the main family while a visualisation follows the sound.
The listener/user with her gestures was controlling the different combinations of the instruments through a gestural tracking deceive (Leap Motion). By moving up-down, left-right, front-back, she could conduct the orchestration in real time.

Blueprint of the installation's setting in space
Ten Dell computers forming the computer orchestra
The ceiling of the installation

Blueprint of the installation’s setting in space

Instruments mapping arrangement in space